Thursday, June 6, 2019

Searching for the Spirit

What questions do you have?

I live with a preschooler, so I experience a number of questions every day.  This morning I was listening to a news announcer describe the 75th anniversary of D-day, and my four year old was immediately filled with questions.  What was World War II?  Why did people fight?  Did people die?  Some of his questions were not easy to answer, but I could see him desperately searching for meaning as we talked about the troops who died in the battle of Normandy.  After thinking as deeply as he could, he finally said, “We need to pray for them, right?”

A little while later he brought up his grandmother.  She has been battling cancer and a few other issues.  He mentioned that we need to pray for her too…  Sometimes, I am not sure how much he really understands.  (Certainly when I try to get him to brush his teeth he does not seem to comprehend anything.)  However, I also believe that he is really trying to find God and search for Love in the midst of a chaotic world.

Related imageThis week the church is celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit in a festival called Pentecost.  God’s Spirit came to all people.  God’s Spirit arrived in spite of our imperfections and broken world.  Sometimes it can be hard to trust that God is working in some of our more troubling moments.  It is sometimes very difficult to believe that God’s Spirit is working in the midst of division, anger, war, cancer, and fear… but that is what God wants us to see. 

I think it is important to ask questions… I think it is important to struggle… However, God wants us to believe that the Spirit is moving inside of us.  When we are broken and when we make mistakes, God is there.  God is Love, and God will never give up on you!


Brian Ward