Tuesday, July 26, 2016

VBS - Cave Quest

VBS is back again!  It’s the end of July, and that means it time for Vacation Bible School at Community Lutheran Church!  I love this week.  It takes a lot of extra energy and effort, but it really is amazing to see so many kids excited about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  These kids could be doing so many other things, but they have chosen to be here, learning about Jesus and sharing His Love. 

It is my prayer that everyone would take a little extra time to share God’s Love this week.  If we take that extra effort and invest in His Love, I believe we will see God’s Kingdom. 

Shine On!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An Open Heart...

“One of the disciples asked Jesus, ‘Lord, teach us to pray…’”
-Luke 11:1

Learning to hike!  This guy made it to the top
of Mt. Charleston
There are so many things a 1 year old child needs to learn.  Everyday my wife and I try to teach our son something new.  He is learning new words, better manners, and how to climb mountains… :) It’s so much fun to watch him grow, and it’s even more amazing to watch him soak up all this knowledge like a sponge.  He can now “read” along with us in some of his favorite books. He calls us by name, and he is learning to climb things all too fast!  (Unfortunately, I spend more time teaching him to how to scramble up dirt piles instead of teaching him good manners… Ah well!)

Not as great when learning manners.
More than anything else, we try to teach our child to know that he is loved.  We want him to know that there is love in this world.  It does not matter where he goes or what he does… there is love, and that love has power.  If he can understand that, I believe he will be all right.  I think love will encourage him to grow, and it will make him a better person.  Therefore, Kira and I take time to love him, and we take time to pray with him.  We want him to be deeply connected to God’s Love.

Sometimes it is hard to read the news and see all the anger in the world.  It is hard to watch good people become so divisive and angry.  This week, I hope we can all have the spirit of a child, the spirit of a person who does not have all the answers but is hungry to learn.  In our scripture passage for the week, the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray.  They don’t pretend to know everything.  Instead, they come before Christ with an open heart.  Jesus responds to them, by inviting them into a prayer of love.  We have a Father in Heaven who loves us and cares for us.  Jesus invites us into a relationship with God through prayer.  Perhaps if we can all open our hearts and minds to prayer, we can take a step toward God’s Kingdom and find a little hope in this sometimes dark world.



Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Why are we so angry?
Ok, let’s start with a tough question… Who was the last person you were really mad at?  I can get upset at other drivers who cut me off or with people who aren’t behaving in a way I think is normal.  Opening up the newspaper, it’s easy to become angry when I hear about tragedies and injustices taking place in the world.  However, if I’m honest, there are a number of occasions when I will become angry over the smallest things.  Have any of you ever been in a terrible fight with a loved one?  You may be so mad at them in one moment, but then maybe you have lunch, and you realize you were just hungry…  That may be a silly example, but I think it happens all the time!  So often, we lash out against the people who mean the most to us.  Many times we don’t even have an issue with them; deep down, we really just have our own unresolved issues.  If we can’t talk about these things, and figure out where our anger is coming from, I think it can lead to all kinds of terrible tragedies in our society. 

This week, we are looking at a Bible story about two people who were each called by Christ.  However, instead of building the Kingdom, they wind up lashing out against each other.  It’s sad, but I think it’s all too familiar.  Our society is so divided right now.  We love to focus on our neighbors faults, instead of utilizing their gifts.  Jesus invites us to take time to appreciate one another.  What would the world look like if we offered a Christ-like love to the world instead of our judgments?  I pray we might all find time to look into our own soul.  May we see our own callings and feel God’s love.  Let’s let go of the pointless hatred, and let’s start clinging to Christ and His sense of Justice and Love.



Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hearing the Good News

Sometimes, life can be a wild ride! Earlier this week, my wife’s car was hit by another vehicle.  The other driver admitted full responsibility, but he did not have insurance… bummer!  Then Kira and I both got incredibly sick from something we ate, and to top it all off we have both have had some crazy busy schedules recently.

I guess I’ve been overwhelmed.  Typically, when I start to feel that way, I will go for a long run or climb a mountain.  However, while I was recovering from food poisoning, running didn’t feel so good.  However, I did have a chance to sit down with an older member of our congregation.  He had a chance to share about some of the troubles in his life, and he also spoke about blessings.  He reminded me there are certainly difficulties that can overwhelm anybody, but we all have so much to be thankful for.  We all have so much to live for.  His words came at the perfect time and they really helped to reframe my outlook. 

This week I hope we can hear God’s Word of Compassion and Hope in our lives.  I also hope you have a chance to share these words with others.  Our lives are a gift.  Let’s go forth sharing this Good News!