Thursday, November 21, 2019

Faith for the journey

What does faith look like in your life? 
I have a one year old child who has a wild amount of faith.  This little boy isn’t afraid to take off up the stairs, go around corners, or chase after bugs.  My wife and I kind of got used to our older child who did not wander away so easily.  However, if we take our eyes off of the little guy for a second, he will disappear on us!  Nevertheless, he does have limits.  He will give high fives to strangers, but eventually he will start looking for his family.  If he doesn’t see somebody he knows right away, he will start to lose it.  All his confidence disappears, and he becomes pretty inconsolable.

Ready to take a leap of faith
I think every human being is in a different place in their faith walk with God.  There are times we are confident, and there are other times we are pretty inconsolable.  I have seen people who were unafraid in the face of death, and I have seen other people are just trying to find enough faith to get through the day.  We are all different, and we all have a different story. 

Today, I wonder where you are at in your faith journey.  Are you confidently moving forward?  Do you believe that God is with you?  Or are you in a place of uncertainty?  There are times we all need a reset and fall back into the arms of love.  Today I hope you can open your heart to love.  I hope God’s love can give you a little bit of faith to take the next step forward in your life!


Pastor Brian

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