Thursday, February 6, 2020

Love and Sacrifice

Where do you find love?

Last week I had a chance to go on a trip with my family to Florida.  We didn’t get to see Mickey Mouse or do any of the other touristy stuff.  Instead, this was a trip to see my grandfather and a few other family members who my kids haven’t met.  We also got to stomp around in a Florida swamp, ride a golf cart through a retirement community, and feed the cattle on a ranch.  What more could little boys ask for? :)  

Of course there were difficulties… Both kids had ear problems on the plane, and we wound up going to the urgent care one day to try and deal with an infection, but in spite of all the chaos, it was fun to see so much growth.

One highlight was getting a tour of a ranch where my uncle has done some work.  We got to see newborn calves, and the boys had a chance to feed the cattle as well.  My 1 year old learned that if he was quiet these nearly 1000 pound animals would walk right up to him and eat the food right out of his hand!  It was so much fun to watch the delight on his face while feeding the animals!  In fact, the entire trip was a delight.  Yes there were difficult moments, but we all experienced love, and we all had opportunities to love others.  The joys of the trip vastly outweighed the trials!
Helping little brother feed the cattle

This week at Community Lutheran we are learning about what we have to do for love, and we are considering the sacrifices we may have to make.  Today I hope we can open our hearts to the Holy Spirit.  May we always step out boldly for love!


Pastor Brian

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