Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Surprising Joy

When was the last time you were truly surprised?  Sometimes I feel like there are very few things that will really surprise me.  Personally, I spend a lot of effort trying to take the surprises out of life.  If something unexpected happens, it’s usually a bad thing, and it means I haven’t prepared very well. 
After having a baby, this past year has been filled with surprises.  Everything feels new, and that has been amazing!  Scary… but amazing.  I’m constantly making mistakes – catching the kid playing in the fireplace or chewing on something electrical.  However, I’m also seeing everything new.  It’s so much fun to prepare for the holiday season and see it all from a child’s perspective.  Everything has become fresh and alive!

This week, Jesus reminds us that nothing ever turns out exactly like we expect.  Life is filled with surprises.  I hope each of you find joy in the surprises in life.  I pray that you might believe God’s Sprit is working to bring Grace to the world.



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