Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Reform in the Church

 Happy Reformation everyone!  This weekend we are celebrating the work of the Holy Spirit in the church.  Five Hundred years ago a German monk named Martin Luther opened his heart to the Spirit.  The church at that time did not sing together with hymns.  It did not preach in the language of the people.  Communion was not shared freely with the everyday person.  Luther trusted God, and he believed the church could be so much more. 

 Today it is easy to feel that the church is confined.  Personally, the corona virus has left me feeling like my hands are tied in so many different ways.  I want the church to be something more.  However, Reformation is a day where we remember that the church always goes through difficult times.  In the Bible, the people of Israel had times of victory, and they had many moments when everything fell apart.  Their temple was destroyed.  The people lost their homeland.  Everything seemed hopeless.  However, the story is one of hope.  The Holy Spirit continued to work, in spite of chaos all around.


 In the past year, the world has changed so much, but God is still in charge.  I have spoken to people who have become involved in our church in new ways.  I have seen the church reach an unprecedented number of people.   I have been able to share some incredible moments with my own family.  God is still here, but we will always need our hearts to be open to the Spirit’s work in these changing times. 

 Today I hope you will let your hearts be opened.  I hope you will experience what new life means.  God is working in you.  Let’s celebrate this good news.



Brian Ward

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