Thursday, February 21, 2019

Snow and A Fresh Perspective!

It’s snowing in Vegas! 

Just barely a dusting of snow, but we got
pretty excited... :)
This has been a pretty exciting week.  It’s not every day that I get to have a snowball fight in my backyard or see palm trees covered in snow. (Or at least lightly dusted with snow…J) Growing up in Minnesota, I have certainly seen a lot more snow in my life, but this week has still been fun.  I was talking with the kids at our first communion class on Wednesday, and everyone was buzzing with excitement over the idea of a snow day.  On Thursday morning, I got into the spirit as well.  We went outside to watch the snow come down with the neighbors.  I built a snowman with my family, and on my way to visit another family in Anthem, I was in awe over the fresh coat of snow blanketing the area!

In Minnesota, by this time of year, I was usually pretty sick of the snow.  I was sick of shoveling, driving through slippery streets, and walking through that dirty, sloppy slush.  However, there was something wonderful about seeing everything with fresh eyes.  Even if school wasn’t canceled, it was fun to see the kids enjoy the day!

Today, I hope you can take the time to see God’s blessings.  I hope you can see the world in a fresh way.  I pray the beauty of this world never becomes mundane or boring.  I hope you can take a moment to seize every drop, because this day is a gift!



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