Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Child of God

Many of you know that I love to ride my bike.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 0 degrees or 110 degrees outside.  You can always catch me out there riding.  However, this past week got pretty frustrating.  I had to buy two new tires, patch five flats, and I noticed I am going to have to replace the chains on two of the bicycles we have.  It’s turning out to be an expensive and annoying week for riding.  I feel like I have spent more time sweating on the side of a dirty road than I have on the bike.  Insane!

When I get home, it’s easy to take out my frustration on others.  Minor bicycle problems can really have a big effect on my attitude.  However, something struck me as I was reading Galatians chapter 4.  The verses remind us to focus on what really matters.  Yes there are things in life that annoy us, but God has called us each His children.  That is what matters!  It’s pretty incredible to think about how much we are all loved.  This week Kira and I are celebrating because we are baptizing our baby.  It’s pretty amazing that God has made each one of us a part of the family!  That is what I want to focus on.  There is nothing else that matters!



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