Wednesday, July 29, 2015

VBS Week!

How to climb Mt. Everest!
It’s time for Vacation Bible School here at Community Lutheran Church.  That means every day this week our church is filled with kids running, jumping, and singing to God.  This year one of my responsibilities is teaching Bible Stories to preschoolers, and I have really been impressed with the kids.  Sometimes I kind of wonder how much the kids are really taking away, but it’s amazing to see these kids becoming passionate for God.  Yes, they want to be silly, and they certainly want to have fun, but they also want to hear about God’s Love.  These preschoolers are also proving that they have the ability to share God’s love with others.  They’ve shown such genuine love to me that it’s been impossible for me not to turn around and share that with others! 

I know I can get caught up thinking my studies in theology somehow put me on a different level, but that’s not the case.  Yes, my seminary degree has been pretty useful over the years, but God Spirit moves inside of preschoolers as much as it moves inside of me.  We are all called, and we all have gifts!  This week I hope we can appreciate the fruits of the Spirit in everyone we meet! 



The Art of Teaching Preschoolers...

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