Wednesday, July 8, 2015

LA mission trip!

View from the top of the Union Rescue Mission.  Looking out
we could see downtown LA as well as skid row.  
Last week I had the privilege of traveling with the youth on their annual Los Angeles mission trip.  It’s hard to explain why I love these trips so much, but I do.  Sure there were difficult moments… I mean, I was responsible for driving a 15 passenger van with a bunch of wild teenage boys… so the LA traffic got a little weird at times! :) However, I also got to see that same group of guys, who normally only seem to care about flatulence, care for people on skid row, clean up local school yards, and speak to others who were struggling to find hope.  Watching all the kids from CLC was amazing.  Even though they came from different places, they all stood together for love, and that was inspiring.

This week in Galatians, Paul writes that there is only one thing that really matters in this world: Grace.  We find Grace and Love through Christ Jesus, and it binds us all together.  Yes, Los Angeles is crazy, but grace shows up… and that brings hope.  I hope we can all find God Love and Grace this week.  No matter what we are going through God is here, and we can all believe we are accepted and loved.



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