Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Journeys... New Identities

The view I saw for hours on end... but at least there were
nice bike lanes :)
Last Monday, I hopped on my bicycle and peddled about 60 miles to Pahrump, NV…  It was a great way to spend my Labor Day!  I am going to be officiating at a wedding in Pahrump soon, and Kira and I wanted to scope it out.  Kira planned to meet me there around 11am, so I filled up my water bottles and took off around 7am.  It’s was a neat ride with a few thousand feet of climbing and a wild descent.  However, after you conquer the mountain pass, you still have to spin through about 35 miles of empty desert… That was probably the hardest part of the trip… It’s exhausting to look at endless miles of dirt!

Thankfully, I arrived safely, and I wound up having a great time!  I met a few other really neat people, and I also felt like I accomplished something… Pretty fun!

If I put my silly adventures aside, my bike ride also gave me plenty of time to think.  There are so many people today who are on a much harder journey.  They are leaving their friends, family, and homes behind to search for a better place.  They are fleeing violence, terrorism, and destruction, and even if they reach their intended destinations, it seems unlikely their problems will go away.  These people are struggling to find new hope and new identities.

This week, in our scripture lesson, Jesus asks His disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”  The world was a dark place for the disciples, and it can be a dark place for us too.  However, we can all find hope in Christ.  Do you believe God’s Grace is more powerful than war, ISIS, or any other evil?  Can love overpower bombs and bullets?  We are all God’s children.  That is our identity.  I pray today that wherever you are on your journey you may discover the power of grace.



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